About Sunny


Writer - Bryan Wizemann
Director - Bryan Wizemann
Lauren Ambrose
Penelope Ann Miller
Dylan Baker
David Conrad

Las Vegas. Present day. A downward spiraling economy. About Sunny is the heartbreaking story of Angela Jerome (Lauren Ambrose), a young single mother doing her level best not to fall apart.

Her daughter Sunny (newcomer Audrey Scott) is one of the few joys in her life, but raising a child alone is a struggle on even the best of days. When the worst week of Angela’s life builds to a breaking point, she is faced with an impossible choice: keep trying to make things work, or let it all go for the promise of something better.

Co-starring Dylan Baker (HAPPINESS) as Max, a nihilistic reflection of Las Vegas itself, and his sister, Louise (Penelope Ann Miller, THE ARTIST), whose self-interested offer of ‘help’ becomes the hardest decision Angela will ever have to make.